Things to Consider before Setting Up your Private Practice Website

When planning a new website for your practice, the work you do off-line can really be the difference between your site the being an engaging and interesting resource or a neglected opportunity lost in cyberspace!

Taking the time to consider these questions should be your first step, before thinking about colours, pictures and other wonderful functions your website will feature:

1. Who are your clients?

Are they... adults, parents, carers, other professionals, teachers, couples, ethnic minorities, LGBT community, drug/alcohol users? Be clear about the groups of clients you wish to offer services.

2. What are their needs?

Each unique segment or category of your client base will be looking for certain things from your practice. What are those needs, wants, concerns and desires? Think about the questions you are asked every day.

3. What do you offer that other therapists do not?

This could be low costs, weekend appointments, Skype sessions, free initial assessment, follow up care, access to associates, workshops etc.

4. What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your website?

Phone you, send an email, complete an online form, purchase something, or access a resource that may be helpful?

So before you even start thinking about anything else, take the time to really consider your clients, who they are and what they need.

These simple steps will ensure your website is geared towards those that really matter and your chances of online success will be greatly enhanced.

As always please feel free to contact us to discuss your private practice marketing needs.