Choosing Keywords for your Therapy Website

A very brief (and simple) overview of what keywords are and why they are important for achieving good results on search engines for your therapy website.

What is a keyword?

A keyword or for that matter a phrase, is simply a term that a user would input into their browser when searching for information, products or services.

For example...

"Dealing with eating disorders Edinburgh"

Why do they matter?

Keywords help search engines make sense of content, and therefore enable them to return results that are relevant to the user.

What is a SERP?

A "Search Engine Results Page" - the results that are displayed in the blink of the eye when searching. Based on the above example - this is the SERP....

Keywords - therapy websites

What is search engine ranking?

This is the position that your page appears on the SERP, the  "Holy Grail" being page 1. The above result is page 1, number 1.

How to choose keywords?

This starts with understanding your client base and what matters to them.

So for example a potential client probably does not know they need a psychologist but do know they need help with an eating disorder and most likely use a word like "help" and not "psychologist". Furthermore they would most likely be looking for help in the area they live (in this case Edinburgh).

Why does that rank highly?

Simply Google deem that page to be an important and relevant result for the user. The result links directly to a page that focuses on eating disorders and contains useful and pertinent information for the user.

Not only is the key phrase "eating disorder" used quite often on the page/ website but synonyms and variations - anorexia, bulimia and so on are also used.

This is a good example of how you can achieve good results and gain the clients you really want by thinking about each page of your website, what your clients need and how that page addresses those needs!

Please feel free to contact us regarding your private practice website for further information.